Makers Donuts


Makers Donuts

Hand crafted, artisanal donuts made in small batches. Quality over quantity. 804 Tyson Street. Thur-Sunday 7:00am-1:00pm Late Night Donuts, Friday 8pm-Midnight



We love donuts. Whenever we travel, we always try to find the best local donut shop. We love discovering little unique donut shops filled with interesting flavors and passionate people. After many years of savoring craft donuts, we decided to open a local donut shop in our own neighborhood of Old North, Knoxville, TN.

With the help of our friends and neighbors, Sara and I opened the doors to Makes Donuts in January of 2016 with one simple goal: bring a bit of delight to your day.

Makers Donuts is located at 804 Tyson Street in the Downtown North neighborhood of Knoxville, TN.

Each day, our team arrives in the early morning hours to start crafting small batches of donuts from local, seasonal ingredients. We truly love what we do and we hope it shows up in our donuts. We make our donuts with joy to bring you and your family joy.

We care deeply about our customers and our city. We know that without you, we would not have jobs and we never take that for granted. We don’t simply want to have a transaction with you, we want to delight you.

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